It's my words, My though... :)

Its me, myself

It’s not about a famous person. I’m not a famous person, i’m just an ordinary guy with an extra ordinary dreams. I’m Andi Wibowo, My Friend & Family called me Andi. 

My Life is about Design, Fun, Humor, but always serious about future, expectation, and hopes. I’m a Freak Aviation enthusiast with a dream to sit in MD-11 Cockpit, and I’m a Amateur Photography too.

I like to write about what I see, what I do, what will I do, and How I do. I just want to share all things that I know. 

If you want get closer to me, you can added me to be your friend at Facebook ( Wibowo), can follow what I was thinking at Twitter (@aw_mazing/Andi wibowo). Feel Free to contact me to be your friend. okay

So, I welcome you to read, feel, and see this blog. thank you! or Terima Kasih, how Indonesian say ‘Thanks’

Best Regard

Andi Wibowo


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